Immigration Hurts Southern Workers Rally and 2014 Annual Georgia League Conference

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Our League of the South wide “Immigration Hurts Southern Workers” demonstration will be held in Oakwood, Georgia on Saturday 23 August from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. Our Annual Georgia League Conference will be held on Friday 22 August at Silver Bay Seafood in Gainesville, Georgia beginning with supper (dutch) at 6:00PM.

Our conference theme this year will be the same as the National Conference, “Taking our message to the Streets”.

Our featured speakers this year will be:

Dr. Michael Hill; President of the League of the South


Michael Cushman; Chairman of the South Carolina League of the South, Public Relations Coordinator for the League and Founder of Southern Nationalist Network


William Flowers; Vice-Chairman for the Georgia League of the South


Everyone is welcome at our Conference on Friday night. We will be having a very short Georgia League business meeting with our speakers to follow.

We will meet in the Walmart parking lot at 10:30AM Saturday for an organizational meeting prior to our demonstration. The demonstration will be on all four corners of College Entrance and Mundy Mill Road.

Our conference motel is: Best Western Plus and they are giving us a special rate. When making your reservation use “The Georgia League” name to get our group rates. This motel is very close to our demonstration site.

Southern nationalists protest Herring in Richmond


This morning, Southern nationalists from the League of the South held a demonstration at the State capital in Richmond, Virginia against Attorney General Mark Herring for his refusal to defend traditional Christian marriage in Federal court as his position requires him to do. In failing to do so, Mr Herring has broken his oath….

For complete story and pictures click HERE

While there check out Dr. Hill’s video on “What is Southern Nationalism?”

Our new “SECEDE” billboard is getting the Public’s attention

The Florida League Chairman Michael Tubbs says hits to the Florida Website increased 500% within 4 days of the billboard going up.

Here is a story about how the new billboard is resonating with the public in Florida:

Don’t forget to be down in Tallahassee on 8 March for our demonstration at the State Capitol.

A Free, Soveriegn and Independent Georgia

“Is it possible?”

 In this short presentation I will try to answer this question: Is it possible for Georgia to exist independent of the United States? First we will look at what seems to be on everyone’s mind, that is, the economic meltdown. (Of course, this may have been eclipsed, temporarily, by the election, present secession movement and Gen. Patreaus’ soap opera) Then we will look at the political question wrapped around the moral question of size and scale. Then a brief look at our culture. And I’ll wrap up with a look at what Georgia would lose if we left the Empire.

For those of us who pay attention to the world around us it is obvious that our current economic situation is unsustainable. We don’t have to look far to see economic disaster. The housing bubble along with its many gambling schemes, the unemployment rate which is probably at 20%; not the questionable Continue reading

The Free Press

As many of you know; I do not watch television. But every once in a while someone puts something out on facebook or email that comes from TV and is just to good to ignore.

This post is not about Southern Nationalism it’s about how truly “Free” even the local press is in the Empire.

This clip is from the “Conan” show. I think he did a very good job in putting this together.

This next clip is a commentary on where this sort of brainwashing/programming emanates from. It’s kind of funny and true at the same time.

“Secede” Billboard Project in Tallahassee


December 17, 2013 by Dr. Michael Hill

The League of the South will hold a demonstration against Senator Marco Rubio and his support for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants on 8 March 2014 in Tallahassee, Florida. The demonstration will build on a series of similar events in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida. We are currently raising funds to put up a large “Secede” billboard in Tallahassee prior to the demonstration. Polls and petitions indicate that millions of Southerners view the US government as a threat to their freedom and desire independence from Washington, DC. Unfortunately, few elected officials represent such views. The demonstration against Rubio and amnesty will be a perfect opportunity for The League to promote independence as the only real solution to the Federal Government’s continued tyranny. What better way to get out that message, promote The League, and attract media interest than with a large billboard in a State capital bearing the simple, direct message of “Secede”?

We are currently seeking out the best deal possible on the billboard. However, early indications are that the cost will be in the neighborhood of $2,000. This presents a formidable challenge but one we can meet. We ask our members and supporters to help us take our message directly to the people and elected officials. The easiest way for readers to help is to go to our website and make an online donation via PayPal. If you prefer, you can send a check noted “billboard” to the LS office at PO Box 760, Killen, AL 35645. Thanks in advance for your generous support.

Tom Watson Rally

League of the South & Council of Conservative Citizens Host Joint ‘Stand With Tom Watson’ Rally in Atlanta

by William Flowers


On Saturday November 23, 2013 at the State Capitol building in Atlanta, the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens hosted a joint ‘Stand With Tom Watson Rally’.  The purpose of the event was to voice displeasure and show public opposition to a recent executive order signed by Governor Nathan Deal which authorizes the removal of the historic Tom Watson statute from its current position of prominence near the front entrance of the Capitol.  Governor Deal claims the statue is a ‘safety issue’ which will impede future renovations, however, it seems much more likely that this is yet another example of caving to pressures applied by Cultural Marxists and Continue reading